​Facilities Management

AMSG has partnered with major facility engineering design and development firms such as HILL Engineering and American Systems, and understands the nature of the work and challenges in supporting construction projects. For overseas projects AMSG has a clear understanding of the security requirements outlined by Department of State. Our design engineers (DEs) are experienced and trained in and adhere to the application of applicable industry codes: International Building Code (IBC), National Electric Code (NEC), applicable Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAH), and DS-approved security guidelines and templates. Our Overseas installation teams have performed all work according to industry best practices, including NEC codes, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and Department guides inclusive of DS standards, DS application guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs). AMSG brings exceptional Program Management, Construction and Facilities Management expertise to our customers. AMSG is experienced in supporting the entire project lifecycle for a wide range of government, commercial, and nonprofit clients.​


  • Facility Planning and Development 
  • Facilities Maintenance Tools and Technique
  • Outsourcing Analysis