​​AMSG Awarded a $5.1M Contract for Portfolio and Resource Management Division (PRMD) Budget Support Services at DHA

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​July 17, 2019

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​AMSG has been awarded a $5.1M contract over 4 years, if all options are exercised, to provide budget support to the Portfolio and Resource Management Division (PRMD) at the Defense Health Agency (DHA), transitioning Military Treatment Facility (MTF) funding from planning through execution within the Investment Management and Budget Execution Branches.
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2011-2013 Archives

​​AMSG awarded an $8M Contract to provide Administrative and Logistics Support to the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) Office of the Registrar (OOR) 

2008-2010 Archives

​September 19, 2018

​AMSG has been awarded an $8M 5 year contract to provide assistance in developing best practices and innovative methods of operation and logistical support functions within the Office of the Registrar.    
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​​AMSG awarded a $3.6M Task Order to provide Cybersecurity Program Control Acquisition Support at the Department of Treasury.

​September 29, 2017

​AMSG Wins a $3.6M task order, if all options are exercised, on the Integrated Product Team Facilitation and Acquisition Support Services BPA in support of the Department of Treasury's IRS procurement services at the Cybersecurity Program Offices.
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​​AMSG awarded a contract on Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Management and Improvement support to Veterans Affairs (VA).

​September 29, 2017

​AMSG Wins Multiple Award ID/IQ with a $25 Billion ceiling for Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR) support.  AMSG's award is in Service Group 1: Management and Improvement.
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​​AMSG awarded an $11M contract for Portfolio and Resource Management Division (PRMD) Acquisition and Finance support services at DHA.

​September 21, 2017

​AMSG Wins $11M contract, if all options are exercised, to provide Acquisition support to the PRMD at DHA Health Information Technology (HIT). 
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AMSG awarded a $3.9M firm fixed price follow-on contract to support the FTC.​​

​September 1, 2017​

​AMSG Wins $3.9M, 5-year follow-on contract for FTC Acquisition & Project Management support (if all options are exercised).
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AMSG awarded Department of Treasury BPA Facilitation and Acquisition Support Contract​​

​April 19, 2017​

​AMSG Wins $12.5M Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide Integrated Product Team (IPT) Facilitation and Acquisition Support Services for the Department of Treasury Enterprise-Wide with WBD and AITHERAS as subcontractors.
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AMSG Wins $30M Department of the Army, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Contract for Knowledge, Process, and Performance Management (KPPM) Services ​​

​March 23, 2017​

​AMSG was awarded a $30M 5-Year contract for TRADOC to provide KPPM services, in direct support to TRADOC HQ staff and TRADOC subordinate organizations, Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and schools located at various sites within the United States. The KPPM Program is based on a performance management orientation, focusing on outcomes rather than activities, and unfettered knowledge flows and organizational collaboration needed by cross-functional teams to be successful in today’s environment. AMSG supports the TRADOC KPPM Program in creating and implementing the TRADOC KPPM strategy and helping to improve organizational performance by establishing an environment and culture that efficiently shares knowledge, and limited resources, leverages data/content, and continuously innovates and improves work and business processes. The KPPM Program effectively harnesses the critical relationship between people, process, and technology in creating, applying, organizing, and transferring experience and expertise to support organizational learning and timely decision-making.
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AMSG Continues work on Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) Product Manager (PdM) Total Force Information Technology Systems (TFITS) Contract​​

​February 22, 2017​

​AMSG continues work, under subcontract to Cask, on TFITS. AMSG leads the software T&E planning and execution process for the TFSMS program. Our T&E subject matter experts plan and coordinate all the activities leading to the development of comprehensive test plans and test execution. On the TFSMS program, we worked closely with the Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) to successfully complete operation testing of the TFSMS system.

AMSG Wins Follow-on contract to provide Acquisition and Program Support Services to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)​​

​ February 5, 2017​

​AMSG continues on a firm fixed price contract totaling $850K with support to the FTC. AMSG possesses a record of success in providing program management support and business process analysis and improvement of customer service, acquisition professionalism and product quality and efficiency, improved work flows, and compliance with acquisition policies to FTC governing bodies.